I Hate Stinky Cheese

Today mother nature decided to dump a lot of snow on us.  We received about maybe 14 inches of heavy heavy snow.. It looks pretty outside, but it’s not pretty when you actually have to shovel it! At least I didn’t have to go to work today, so that was a good thing!

Since we didn’t really have much to do, we decided to make Hello Kitty sandwiches.. It was good! =)They were a bit ugly looking, but the taste was good and it goes into our stomachs anyways.. =)


I hope everyone is starting off with an amazing year!! Woohoo 2011!!! =)  My new years resolution is happiness, be healthy and stop spending! What is your new years resolution?

I also went to Boston Common to check out their ice sculptures (which they didn’t have much of probably due to budget cut) and also went to the harbor to look at fire works..

Last week one of my good friends came to visit me and we went to a Greek restaurant in Harvard Square.. I never really had Greek food, but it was okay.. It seemed like they used a lot of Yogurt in their recipe and feta cheese.. ugh.. I ordered a steak tip and it was tasty and moist..

The one without cheese was mine of course! Feta cheese=dizziness!

This appetizer dish was pretty good minus that white gunk on the left hand side. It was some sort of yogurt dip with cucumber and garlic, so I gave it a try.  At first, I just tasted the cucumber and garlic and I was enjoying it, until that after yogurty taste.. Yuck! But at least I tried it!

This was the steak tip I ordered and it was good….

I know I said that my new years resolution was to save money, but I could not resist not purchasing these tokidoki t-shirts! They are soo cute!! Okay Okay I failed part of my new years resolution..

I hope everyone had an amazing christmas!! I know I did.. Christmas eve, I went over to my cousin’s house and we made cake pops and we also did yankee swap!!

Cake pops!! Flavors: vanilla and chocolate cake dipped in chocolate w/ sprinkles or swirls.  Took us a total of 6 hours for this creation.  We made about 80 cake pops!

I got #1 for yankee swap and I was able to pick anything and I picked marc by marc jacobs lap top case w/ lindt chocolate.  I picked this because I wanted something useful and of course blue is one of my favorite colors.

I had an amazing time at my cousin’s house.. we also made sushi and cotton candy!!

On Christmas day, we were at my parents’ house and we had a lot of family and friends over.  We did yankee swap, pot luck, socialize, and we had a lot of desserts!!

Sul Sul came over with a tin of popcorn from Garrett’s!! It’s my favorite!! Once you open it, you cannot stop eating it! It’s addictive!

I got a bootleg HK sweatshirt from Sulsul.. It’s okay because I still love it! I also got $$ from him because I am planning to get HK beauty stuff from Sephora once they launch in mid January.

I got Juicy Couture gloves and Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf from my brother.. =) and $ from my mom.

Most of the girls were fighting over this HK Collector’s item Monopoly!! I got it!!!! I was soo excited!

We did secret santa at my part time job and my co worker got me this:

I was soooo excited and I was about to jump up and down!! I love the HK stocking because I’ve never seen it anywhere before! Thanks Brookie!! =)

One of my other co worker got me this gift! I am looking forward to use these! Gatineau, YSL and Chanel.

I also went to Neiman Marcus to get YokuMoku cookies.  My co worker said these cookies are delicious and they’re delicate.. =)

Have a good night everyone!! I am sleeping in tomorrow due to a snowstorm!! =)

Posted on: December 20, 2010

So I finally got the JCXHK tshirts!! One of my friends actually helped me get the black and then I went back to Boston to get the blue.  My mom wants a blue and black too, but unfortunately they were sold out! They were literally sold out within a couple of days!! Now people are selling it on ebay and people are actually bidding on it for $107… Isn’t it cute???

Look at my cute hello kitty slippers and booties.. =) they’re so soft, comfy and warm!

Also this past weekend, sephora had a hello kitty two day private sale.. Of course I wanted to order something the first day, but they were sold out.  I was upset because since it was a private sale, they should have enough products to sell!

Randomness, but last week I went to the Pru and I had the most amazing cookie from Paradise Bakery.. The chocolate and the cookie melts in your mouth! The best cookie ever!!

Besides of all of this, I’ve been working a lot.  I am exhausted and I cannot wait until christmas is over!  My cousins and I will be making cake pops, so I am looking forward to it!  I will take pictures and show you all my work of art! =)

Hello.. I’ve been pretty busy with work and all, so I have not been updating.  I’ve been working like a maniac due to the holiday season and I’ve been sick.  Any how, I am back and I am into sanrio products again.  This year is Sanrio’s 50th’s anniversary and I’ve been purchasing some limited edition products.  My friends and I also went to New York Herald Sq to attend the pop up tour.  It wasn’t really great, but I had a good time anyways.  Afterwards we went to eat at Pomme Frites on St Mark’s square and that definately made my day.  It was the most amazing Belgian Fries I’ve ever had!! They also had delicious tasty sauces! =)  yum yum….


So Johnny Cupcake probably collaberated with Sanrio and they are selling Hello Kitty t-shirts.  Maybe I will get it for Christmas.  Tell me what you guys think.. Btw,  If you know me, I love anything limited edition!

Me at the Sanrio Pop-Up Tour:

Hello All,  Sorry I’ve been very busy and I haven’t had a chance to update yet.  Let’s see what has been happening lately mm…

Well this past Friday, it was my friend Judy’s birthday so we took her out to Barking Crab in South Boston.  It was actually pretty decent not the best seafood in town because I had better.  I ordered linguine with some sort of spicy red sauce with lobster… It wasn’t too heavy or anything, it was just perfect! One of Judy’s friend ordered a fisherman’s platter.. Just looking at that plate, it made me full.. I did try a couple of things in the fisherman’s platter and I have to say that the fried clam was delish!! I will post up some pictures of the meal. 

I love fruits and apparently watermelons were on sale 2 wks ago and my mom bought 8 whole watermelons! Since my room was right next to the kitchen, I tripped over one, my toe nail got caught on the skin of the watermelon and it broke.. I was very upset and I told my mom not to buy so many watermelons again and don’t put it near my room.  Also my mom brought a huge jackfruit (an exotic fruit originally from Asia) from HMart and I’ve never seen a real one before.  She said that jackfruit was $1.79/lb and the total came up to be $32, so that fruit better taste good and that fruit looks like a dangerous weapon!

Today, for lunch I had a grilled chicken panini, with mozzarella cheese, spinach, and roasted peppers.  It was good, but the cold mozzarella cheese kind of made it taste funky.  I think that if it was eaten hot, it would of tasted amazing. 

I will definately up some pictures soon!! =) stay tuned!

Last night, my family decided to order from Five Guys.  I love that place even though it is so unhealthy for you, but it is nice to eat it once in a blue moon.   When I ordered, I specifically said, “HAMBURGER!”  When I went home, I opened my burger, it was gushing out with CHEESE!!  I said, “OMG I said Hamburger and why did they give me a cheeseburger!!”  I was very upset, but I was hungry, so I decided to eat it.  I scraped most of the cheese out, but certain parts of it, there were still some cheese stuck on it!  It had an acquire taste and it tasted milky and salty! It was gross.  I told my sister in law and said, “You know why I always repeat myself now and say NO cheese because they always mess it up and put cheese on it!”  Even though I tasted it, I still hate cheese.

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  • pearlerpoo: Happy Holidays! Yay for sleeping in, boo for snowstorms :P. I want some cake pops - I've never had them before! How do you make them??
  • nysa23: ew gross.. i think i would of puked.
  • pearlerpoo: Cheeese... yummy :P I like cheese but i can't really eat it! The part about cheese oozing out reminds me of our the Cougar gold smokies we have at ou